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Business User Workshops

How often does someone lead or run a project without being a professional or a full-time Project Manager? The answer, MOST OF THE TIME! “An educated consumer is the BEST Customer!” Where did you hear that before? The workshops listed here are specifically designed to help those people who have a ‘regular job’ to better manage and/or participate in projects!

PM “Lite” and Project Team Member Workshop are extremely popular with many of our clients. Clicking on a workshop and you will be able to review the course description, objectives and outline. That’s the starting point! From there we customize and adjust the delivery to meet your needs, exactly!

Business User Workshops
TSE001-P6 - Project Planning and Control
(The Foundations of Project Management)
3 Days
TSE011-BA6 - Determining Business Requirements
(Including the Business Case)
2 Days
TSE012-P6 - Project Management For Project Team Members1 Day
TSE029-P6 - Project Management "Lite"1 Day
TSE030-P5 - Structured Testing Techniques
(For Managers, Analysts, Developers and Customers)
2 Days
TSE035 - Project Facilitation Workshop
(Getting things done!)
2 Days
TSE050-P5 - Green PM Workshop
(The Total Systems "4-5-6" Green PM Approach!)
2 and 4 Days

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