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Here are a few comments about our classes.

Great News Chuck!

Hi Chuck,

Great news... I passed the CAPM exam!  I took the test last Wednesday (on my birthday) and left with much happiness.  I'm sorry I didn't write you sooner.  I've had the desire of acting brain dead for a few days!

I truly couldn't have done it without your teaching and support.  When the exam began, I did my brain dump on the blank paper provided by the testing center.  I was so excited to start the test and then quickly felt scared, mad, and nauseous on questions 1-10.  With all of my diligent studying, I had no idea of the answers!!!  But, then I remembered your advice that instructed me to keep going and build confidence on the questions I did know.  As I progressed through the exam, I felt much better.  Even though my confidence rose along the way, I was very afraid to exit the exam and await my score.  The time the computer took to provide a pass/fail response was the longest of my life.  I was uber happy to learn that I passed.

I feel as though I studied hard enough to pass the PMP, so I plan to do that once I get myself settled with a new job.

Thank you for being such a pillar of support and having so much care for your students.  I was lucky to have been in your classes.


CT, CPCC - July 2017

After 20 years!

Dear Chuck and Gary,

I PASSED THE PMP!!!! I took the test on Friday of last week. I finished with
4 minutes to go.

Thank you for your excellent instruction. I enjoyed being in the class room
again after a 20 year absences. I have said a 100 times I wish I would have
had this class when I was running my company and managing the projects and
people in the last 20 years of my career. But... I have it now.

Thank you.


GD - CPCC May 2017

One word - Wow!

Hey Gary/Frank,
Here’s a testimonial from-----ME.  Well, I just completed the Exam Prep class on Friday with Gary!  The program in which I love sharing with others has now had an effect on me.  It is funny—I woke up early Saturday morning and understood the stories told about Earned Value, SPI and CPI and it is starting to click.
With all that said, I just wanted to say—how I truly appreciate what you do even more.  You’ve created an amazing program and I am glad to help spread the word.

The song—that came to mind is this…”I’m a believer” by the Monkees.  If I had time---I would replace some of the words in the chorus to PM.  When I pass my exam in April---I will change the words—I’ll have more time on my hands.
Take care guys!  Keep creating a wonderful learning experience.  You all are incredible.   THANK YOU TOO, Mona (Director, CPCC.)


CPCC - February 2017

Proficient in all 5 areas!


I’m happy to announce that I did pass the PMP exam this morning. I scored proficient in all 5 areas.

I just wanted to thank you for your help and give you feedback on my prep and the process so you can share with others.

JSM, CPCC December 2016

Contact us to learn more about the feedback and recommendations that helped JSM be successful!


Exciting news!

Hello Everyone,
Exciting news, I passed the CAPM!  I just completed my Security rotation and started my new rotation with Offshoring last week.
Thank you so much to everyone who helped along the way, and of course to Dave for our amazing CPM course!


EPMO - Banking, California

from the Military to Project Manager

Good Afternoon,

This has been an awesome year.  It’s with great joy that I’m writing to inform you that not only did I pass the PMP on my first attempt, but I also recently got hired as a Project Manager for an industrial supply company.  

I have to say that coming from a background in the military and shifting careers was very difficult and without you it wouldn’t have been possible.  The resources and guidance you provided in not only understanding project management methodologies but the career field in general made me very competitive in the market.  

What’s really amazing is that with my PMP certification, my MBA, and my understanding of MS Project, employers often reached out to me with job opportunities.  So again, I want to thank you for everything you’ve done and allow me to accomplish in my career.


CPCC December 2016

Testing Techniques Workshop

Subject: Structured Systems Testing Class

Hi Gary,
I just wanted to send you an email and say thank you for the Monday and Tuesday training.  It was great meeting you and I enjoyed learning more about testing.  Understanding testing procedures and the mindset really prepares me to do a more thorough job as a BA.  Your enthusiasm and positive attitude made the class interesting and thought provoking.  Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.

SP, Charlotte, CPCC

November 2016

So many tips...

Hello Gary,
I would like to express my gratitude to you for helping me pass the PMP exam I took it last Wednesday.

It was not an easy exam, but I was armed with so many tips you gave us in class:
(1) I knew page 61 like the back of my hand-- I had an understanding of what goes on at each stage
(2) I memorized some formulas
(3) I took practice exams
(4) I answered all questions as I was going and marked some for review. (This was the most helpful tip because I was sick on the day of the exam and had to use the bathroom three times. I ran out of time and didn't go back to those questions)
(5) I completed the survey after I finished taking the exam

Once again, thank you very much, Gary. Keep on doing what you do!
LM. PMP Charlotte / CPCC

I told my girlfriend...

Hi Dave,
Just wanted to write you real quickly as I'm sitting in my car outside the prometric facility reveling in the successful completion of my test and achieving something I have had my eyes on for the better part of 5 years.

I tried to call your office to tell you but realized you're probably out teaching and it is after 5 on the east coast anyways. I wanted you to be one of the first people I told of my newly acquired PMP and thank you for the integral role you played in my achieving this. I didn't even tell my boss I was taking my test and won't be back to work until Tuesday next week. I told my girlfriend and then immediately got in contact with you.

Again, thank you for all your knowledge and help in getting me to this point.
Brian, PMP

Los Angeles

What more can I say, except thank you!

Hi Dave,

I wanted to thank you for delivering such a fantastic class for us. The feedback was ‘three thumbs up,’ and as word got around as to the success, value, and overall enjoyment level (if that’s even a proper phrase), people were kicking themselves that they didn’t show up for the class.
You managed to take a potentially dry and difficult subject and turned it into something easily understandable.
What more can I say, except thank you!


April New York

Another PMP Success!

To: Stephen Campitelli <stephencampitelli@totalsystemseducation.com>
Subject: Passed my PMP exam!
I passed my PMP exam today! Thanks to you and Total Systems Education for all the training! The Prep Exam material was a great review of all the studying I've been doing.

Best regards,


Stony Brook - October 18

I am grateful for the opportunity to learn new tools to help me improve

To: Gary Schmitz

Thank you!

I really enjoyed the class. I am working with HR to get a couple more employees to attend this class.  Today one of our directors signed up for the April class!

Gary did an amazing job. I gave my construction manager his business card to talk to him about the class. Hopefully he can make the April class as well. Please forward this e-mail to Gary and let him know I already have my first project in mind. I scheduled my first meeting on April 10th to lay out the charter and will be working with a cross functional team.

I am grateful for the opportunity to learn new tools to help me improve and be a better manager.

March - Charlotte

The Project Planning and Control course was really great!

To: 'Frank A. Clemente, PMP'

Dear Frank,

I would like to thank you and John for the course (Project Planning and Control), it was really great!

Here is my case.  On Friday, I arrived back at the office at 8 in the morning and at 8:30 my boss approached me and asked me about the course.  I didn't even had the chance to answer and she told me that all the things I've learned from the course about Project Management, I have to start using them from MONDAY- which is tomorrow! She also told me that there will be another person above me, like another boss, but not official.  At that time I remembered you and your exact words, that "you might be working for another person who isn't your real boss". I told her that already "I have to go and teach my 15 persons a course.  I’ll talk to you on Monday but I'll try to do my best".

Wow! Thanks and Kind regards,

El – Athens Greece, March

It will help me in my job and in my personal life too

Dear Frank,

I’m sending you the photos we took at the roof garden of Titania Hotel and I’ll pass them through to the others too.

I’m in the bank “Family” 16 years, starting from junior programmer, programmer, programmer analyst and now I’m a tester (coordination & execution).  I’ve had seminars before but tell you the truth, such as yours?  No I haven’t.  You’re both (John Samouelides) amazing and I’m very glad to meet you and participate in the seminar.  It will help me to my job and to my personal life too.

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!!!!

El – Athens Greece March

We have received very good feedback

To: Stephen Campitelli
Cc: Frank Clemente
Subject: Project Management Training

Dear Stephen

I want to tell you that we have received very good feedback from our participants in Thailand. They feel that this was very well done and would like to thank you for that.


Regional Director, Learning and Talent Development

I'm already using what you taught me

Hi Chuck!

Great Job!  Wanted you to know I'm already using what you taught me.


J - CPCC November

With your wonderful instruction and deep study, I was able to pass

Hi Curt,

I have often thought about you over the last 4 months, both good and bad, but mostly good. The bad was when I had to keep stuffing more information into my head or why I didn't get 90% in a particular Knowledge Area when I tested myself and I would mutter under my breath, that so and so Curt Davis was right, this is going to be very challenging. But, with your wonderful instruction and deep study, I was able to pass. How are you doing? I have not landed full-time yet, but have some opportunities starting to materialize.  It's been too long, but the PMP will help open doors.

If you need any assistance or can connect me with employment sources, please let me know.  A diversion from the daily grind of looking for employment would be a welcome relief.

All the best,

J - in-transition - SUNY Stony Brook Project Management Plus Certificate Program

On behalf of our group, we plan to accomplish!

Hello Everyone!!

Gary, thank you so much for the wealth of knowledge that you shared with all of us and this follow up email. It is so obvious that this is not just a job for you. On behalf of our group, we plan to accomplish! Thanks for the offer to come back to a class. We appreciate your sincere efforts. And remember, we are the best group!!


The knowledge and skills I gained I will use for the rest of my life

Hi Gary,

I just wanted to say thanks again.  You are a great instructor and I learned a lot from you.  We did cover a lot of material but you made it very easy to grasp and understand all the topics.  The knowledge and skills I gained I will use for rest of my life plus your prep course and tips were a huge contributor to my success on the PMP exam Friday.  I will definitely recommend TSE as well as CPCC's program to anyone I come across looking for Project Management/Business Analysis courses.

Hope the rest of your summer went well and that you got to do some boating...


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